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Flightless - Prototype

Year 2016 My role Programmer
Team size 2 Tech XNA - C#

Johan Rosén - Game Programmer


I have tackled problems in most areas which has giving me a big register in understanding game development - Gameplay, Engine, Rendering, Networking, AI, Physics, Tools. Still, I have a lot left to learn and I'm always up for a challenge. I look at myself as a generalist programmer, but my main focus is Gameplay-, System/Engine programming.

Programming languages includes: C++, C#, Typescript, Javascript, Lua, Python, Actionscript, PHP

Engines/Frameworks includes: UE4, Unity, Phaser, Starling, SFML, XNA, Lidgren, Flixel

Other technologies: HLSL, PSSL, PS4, D3D11, PSVita, Perforce, Git, Mecurial, Flatbuffers, HTML/HTML5, CSS, SQL


I have been creating games for as long as I can remember. I started out creating board games made from pizza cardboards, gamifying toys and painting "chose your own adventure" comics. My first experience with programming came from creating custom maps in Warcraft 3, which then lead on to programming on my TI-83 calculator in high school and then programming in Darkbasic on the computer.

After high school I went on to further education. First one year with web development and then three years of game programming in Skövde. After that I spent a few years freelancing as a game-, web developer, working with clients all around the world. After that I went to PlaygroundSquad, a two year game developer education as a programmer as I wanted to deapen my knowledge of 3D and C++ development. I'm currently doing my intership at Coffee Stain North which will end on May 17. During all those years I have created countless of small games and prototypes, born out of passion for game development.

I'm currently located in Häggvik - Stockholm, Sweden.

This is me ;)